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We are personally and professionally dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families through person-centered supports, education and advocacy, with a focus on the unique needs of children and young adults.

  • Clinical Excellence

  • Collaboration

  • Servant Leadership

  • Accountability & Integrity

  • Sound Financial Stewardship

  • Social Responsibility

To see every person, regardless of ability, as more; to recognize that we are at our best when everyone’s unique voice is heard.

  • We share your challenges on a daily basis

  • Our commitment to you is paramount

  • We are person- and family-centered in all that we do

  • We adapt to community need

  • We look out for the little guys

  • We are goal driven, not profit-driven, as a 501(c)(3)

Our Story

As the parent of a child with exceptional needs, the founder of this organization has long felt a calling to offer an alternative to existing, often not-fully-adequate, community-based supports. She answered that call in 2009 in the form of Peninsula Pediatric Services, a precursor to Access Child & Family Care.

In 2016, a major redesign of waiver services and the provider’s role in those services resulted in insurmountable barriers to care. Not a single statewide agency was able to navigate case management services within the Developmental Disabilities waiver redesign model. We closed in the summer of 2016.

During the process of closing, and continuing through the first year of the waiver redesign process, dozens of families reached out for help. In December of 2016, Access Child & Family Care was founded as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to provide that help. The inaugural first year was been a blessed one, with five community-based programs rolled out to advance our core mission of support for individuals with disabilities and their families.

In our first year as a non-profit, we helped dozens of families live fuller lives with a “whatever it takes” attitude and the conviction – borne of experience – that a well-informed and well-supported caregiver is naturally going to do what’s needed for his or her loved one. Today, we are privileged to support hundreds of families using the same, evidence-based model of care.

This organization is particularly proud of its responsiveness to change in the aftermath of the 2016 DD Waiver redesign, as well as the transition from a Fee-For-Service model to value-based payment. Throughout these transitions, we have embodied the principles of Person-Centered Planning and endeavored to facilitate each person’s right to direct his or her own care (self-determination).

Our practice model, Relationship-Based Care (RBC), fosters teamwork by valuing relationships at all levels. RBC begins by considering how we holistically value ourselves as providers. RBC extends to the rapport we develop with team members/coworkers, community partners and governmental agencies. RBC culminates in the relationships we build with individuals being supported and their families. Truly, it “takes a village to raise a child” and RBC empowers the whole village.

Meet our Team

We support individuals and families in Greater Hampton Roads, including Richmond, the Middle Peninsula, Tidewater, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia as well as the Charlottesville and Roanoke areas of Southwest Virginia.

Jeannie Cornett, RN, BSN, QMHP
Jeannie Cornett, RN, BSN, QMHPExecutive Director
Jeannie has been working in the human services field for nearly thirty years, beginning in the Air Force in 1992. Her extensive human services and nursing experience includes critical care, supervising children on the Tech Waiver (“high-tech kids”), support coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities (in long-term care, acute care and community-based settings), and mental health support, especially support for family members of individuals with challenges.

Jeannie has a passion for supporting individuals and families with exceptional challenges and incorporates nursing and social work models of care into daily practice to ensure the best outcomes for all involved. She is currently enrolled in the family nurse practitioner program at Duke University and will offer home-based primary care with Access to individuals with developmental and other disabilities upon graduation. In addition, Jeannie has been accepted into Duke’s post-graduate program leading to certification as a pediatric primary care mental health specialist. She is focused on bridging the gap in care for children and adolescents with behavioral and mental health challenges.

Darby Keep, SF, CC
Darby Keep, SF, CCProgram Manager
Darby has been advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities in the community and the military for several years, and brings a strong Human Resources background to her role as Program Manager. Darby oversees all clinical programs and respective staff, and provides oversight via direct connections with families.

Darby is a Person-Centered Planning Coach as well as a Partners in Policymaking participant. She is the also a SibShop facilitator, offering activities to siblings of special needs children in Hampton Roads.

Darby has a special connection to military families and the Exceptional Family Member Program, and regularly advocates for and teaches stakeholders in the community. Darby sits on the regional IFSP council.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Darby is attending school in anticipation of becoming a registered nurse. Upon graduation, she will be working in home-based primary care with Access and will specialize in addressing the complex medical and nursing needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jamie Greskowiak, BA,
Jamie Greskowiak, BA, Care Coach
Jamie brings many years of experience to her position as a Care Coach and Service Facilitator. She regularly presents to community organizations in order to better inform them about waiver and other resources for individuals with developmental disabilities and is a well-respected voice in the community.

Jamie is a Partners in Policymaking participant and embraces person-centered planning in her daily interactions with families.

Jamie is working toward her Masters in Special Education. She provides Care Coaching and Service Facilitation and is working toward certification as a Qualified Mental Health Professional for children and adults.